Helping Hypothermic Wildlife

If you find wildlife in need during an extreme cold-weather event, visit our Found An Animal? page for specific instructions.

If you find an animal frozen to the ground do not pull them off. This could lead to injury. Slowly pour lukewarm water (not hot) around the animal until it is free. Once they’re free, safely contain the animal with gloves and a towel or blanket and place it in a box or container with small air holes and clean, dry, soft bedding. Keep it in a warm, quiet, and dark space until you can get it to HHS Wildlife Center. Do not offer food or water.

Helping Wintering Wildlife

It can be very difficult for wildlife to find a water source that hasn’t frozen over during a hard freeze. To help with this, place a shallow dish of warm water with rocks or stones covering the bottom. Fill the dish with warm water to slightly cover the rocks, but no deeper. If you have a heat source to keep the water from freezing, please use it, but if you don’t, then pour hot water over the frozen water as needed to thaw it.

Besides putting out fresh bird seed and suet, do not feed wildlife.

Be cautious of or avoid outdoor fire pits or bonfires to prevent injured wildlife.

Before turning your car on, tap on the hood of the car. This will help to make sure animals leave and prevent potential injuries.

If you do come across wildlife in need of help, please contain them in a secure container with a dry, soft cloth such as fleece in the bottom. Visit our Found An Animal? page for specific instructions and contact us immediately at 713-468-8972.

Thank you for helping keep wildlife safe during a hard freeze!

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