Our education department is currently in the process of developing new and improved programs. Check back soon for updates!

Discover native Texas wildlife with HHS Wildlife Center

Supporting conservation through environmental education! With the help of our animal ambassadors, our team shares the benefits of coexisting with our wild neighbors, their roles in the urban ecosystem, and how to help wildlife in need. Our programs are specially-tailored to the age of the audience and are great for classrooms, scout groups, club meetings, and more! 

Animal Ambassadors

HHS Wildlife Center is the proud home to a variety of education ambassadors, including: 

  • Three-toed box turtles
  • Texas tortoise
  • Western hognose snake
  • Eastern screech owl
  • Wood duck
  • Virginia opossum

We make every effort to have an educational ambassador in our programming. Please note that they are still wild animals and we cannot guarantee a specific ambassador's appearance. 

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