Discover Texas Wildlife with HHS Wildlife Center

Saving Texas Wildlife Through
Environmental Education

We believe that strong conservation and stewardship values have inspirational beginnings. Through interactive and engaging programs, we aim to introduce every Houstonian to the wonders of wildlife.

Our programs immerse participants in a variety of Texas wildlife topics and activities with the goal of inspiring others to preserve, protect, and coexist with urban wildlife.

For questions or more detailed information about our workshops, contact our Wildlife Education Manager.

Wildlife Workshops

All About Bats

There’s more to the night sky than meets the eye! Learn All About Bats, their vital role in Houston's nocturnal ecosystem, and why Texas is one of the bat capitals of the world.

Animal Adaptations

Investigate the wild science behind fur, skin, claws, beaks and more in our Animal Adaptations program!

Backyard Birds

Whether they “tweet”, “hoot”, or “caw”, we believe birds make the best neighbors. Experience the striking nature of Houston's feathered friends and how YOU can help your Backyard Birds THRIVE!

Introduction to HHS Wildlife Center

Discover the inception and history of HHS Wildlife Center and the many reasons wildlife need our help now more than ever before.

Local Life Cycles

From amphibian eggs and tadpoles to marsupial pouches... what's the difference anyways? Discuss and compare varying life strategies of local wildlife through this interactive program!

Urban Dwellers

Coyotes, Snakes, and Skunks... oh my! Houston's concrete jungle may seem devoid of interesting wildlife, but many critters call our neighborhoods home. Learn how these Urban Dwellers do more good for us and the environment than harm! 

Live animal appearances may include a selection from the following: turtles, snakes, birds, and small mammals.
We make every effort to have an educational ambassador in our programming. Please note that they are still wild animals and we cannot guarantee a specific ambassador's appearance at any time.

HHS Wildlife Center receives no state or federal funding for general operations and is supported entirely by donations and private grants. Wildlife Workshop fees help support our growing organization and education efforts. Thank you for your support.

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