Endangered Texas Wildlife

At TWRC Wildlife Center, conservation is the name of the game! We exist to educate the public about environmental conservation, how it relates to our native wildlife, and why it is so important. This month, we are bringing awareness about local (Texas) endangered species!

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Stellar’s Sea Eagle

Did you know that recently, there has been another type of raptor sighted at various locations throughout North America that almost dwarfs our national symbol? Not only that, it shouldn’t even be here since it’s from a different continent entirely! Read on to learn more about the Steller’s Sea Eagle, a bird that has lately been taking the birding community by storm.

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The Mighty Manatee

Wouldn’t it be cool to catch sight of a majestic marine mammal off the Texas coast, other than our beloved bottlenose dolphins? Did you know there have been several sightings of Florida manatees off the coast of Texas recently? Read the full article to learn more about the manatee sightings and what we can do to enjoy the presence of manatees and other coastal creatures for centuries to come.

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Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels!

Squirrels, squirrels everywhere! At TWRC Wildlife Center, the fall season has been nicknamed “baby squirrel season”, and for a good reason. Why is that? Find out what baby squirrel season looks like at TWRC, how to identify the squirrels in your backyard, and how important these adorable critters are to the environment!

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The Blue Heron

When I was little, my grandmother would take us outside early in the morning to watch the nature around our lake house wake for the day. We would see flocks of purple martins flying overhead or flying fish jumping high out of the water. It was all incredible, though, one animal always stood out to me in particular—the Great Blue Heron.

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Spotlight on Songbirds!

Blue jays, mockingbirds, and barn swallows, oh my! Baby bird season is in full swing here at TWRC Wildlife Center, and we’ve got lots of awesome avian suitemates! There are some things that are necessary for all of them, like proper caging and perching to minimize damage to feathers and legs, a calcium supplement for their diet, and live insect enrichment to teach them how to properly hunt. But there are distinct differences as well, which is important to keep in mind when involved with their care.

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Snakes on the Move

As the weather warms up, more of our wildlife is on the move.  This can include, to the fascination or horror of some: snakes!  There is some good news about this fact: snakes provide free pest control services and the majority of them are mostly harmless to people and pets.

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Earth Day: Beloved Wildlife and a Changing Climate

How do birds know when to migrate? Or when to build their nests and lay their eggs? How do sea turtles revolunteer which beach they hatched on? And how in the world do our backyard bugs know when to “wake up” from their winter slumber? Maybe it’s magic, maybe it’s not. All I know is, everything we know about the natural world is changing, and it’s changing fast. The planet is heating up faster than it ever has before, and humans have played an undeniably large role in this drastic change.

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Rocky Balboa – A Pandemic Success Story

We all know the story of Rocky Balboa, right? The underdog who had little to no chance of winning? And he didn’t win, not at first. But neither did he give up. And neither did the people who cared about him. In the face of setbacks and disappointments, he finally triumphed. Defying all expectations, he beat the odds and became a champion. No, we’re not talking about Sylvester Stallone’s fictional movie character. We’re talking about the journey of a tiny baby opossum during a worldwide pandemic.

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