So many of us in the Houston area are still assessing property and landscaping damage from the “February 2021 Freeze”.  While many trees and plants are beginning to bloom again, some generally zone-hardy plants succumbed to the storms and hard freeze over several days.

Although most existing palm leaves have turned brown and brittle, some palm trees are beginning to slowly show signs of new growth from the crown.  While inspecting this palm, I was surprised to see our Trumpet Creeper Vine had climbed from the fence, wrapped around the tree trunk and suddenly burst into colorful blooms.

The next day, I saw a Mourning Dove on one of the pruned fronds and decided to grab my camera.  The dove with all the blooms as a backdrop was such a pretty sight.  As I zoomed in a bit, I saw the second dove sitting inside the tree trunk and realized the pair was in the process of “building and decorating the nursery”.  It has been a week now and the nest is occupied and kept warm by one of the doves at all times, while the other forages.

Spring baby season is definitely upon us and the TWRC Wildlife Center Onsite Animal Care Program will be caring for hundreds of orphaned or injured baby mammals and birds throughout the spring and summer months.

Please consider supporting our efforts by participating in our 2021 “Wild InSight” Photo Contest, currently underway.  Keep your eyes peeled and camera handy for opportunities to snap that winning wildlife photo!

Click below for full contest details and links to submit your entries and vote for your favorites.  All proceeds raised from the contest and 16-month photo calendar sales directly benefit TWRC Wildlife Center’s Operations and Animal Care Program!

Jeannie Gresko, TWRC Wildlife Center

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