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This spring, we are partnering with Three Rivers Wreath & Plant Co. to offer a unique variety of bulbs, bare roots, and tubers
to help us raise funds to continue caring for injured and orphaned wildlife.

TWRC Wildlife Center earns 50% profit from every package of bulbs sold! Simply purchase items online using the button below and your order will be shipped directly to you in early May - just in time for spring planting!

Sales are open March 1st - April 26th!

Take a look at our catalog linked below and start planning your new and improved pollinator gardens!

Some options include:

About Three Rivers Wreath and Plant Co. Bulbs

Bulbs are sourced directly from Holland. These healthy, hardy, and unique varieties will succeed in various areas throughout the contiguous United States. The larger bulb sizes we offer will maximize the blooms in your garden right from the start.

With your bulbs, you will receive an instruction sheet for planting. Bulbs should be planted immediately upon arrival; if the danger of frost has not passed in your area, you can either store your roots in a cool area for two to three days or plant them in pots indoors until the outside weather warms.

Hardiness Map

Know your hardiness zone, and be aware of the recommended hardiness zones for any bulbs you purchase.

Bulbs that are not hardy to your area will need to be dug up before the first hard frost and stored in a cool, dark, dry location through winter. Winter storage instructions are also provided on the instruction sheet you will receive with your bulb order.

Three Rivers Wreath & Plant Company guarantees the quality and growth of every plant shipped, as long as each item is planted immediately upon receipt. If for any reason you are unhappy with a Three Rivers product, please notify them as soon as possible and they will be happy to offer a refund or exchange.

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